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JFK Surfaces specializes in epoxy flooring, decorative concrete finishes, EnduraFlake flooring, epoxy stone surfaces, and a wide variety of high performance flooring and surfacing techniques.

Fraser Valley Epoxy Flooring and Decorative Concrete Surfaces.

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Beauty & Durability

Unique and stunning high performance epoxy flooring and decorative concrete surfaces for your home, property investment, or business.
JFK Surfaces is a Chilliwack & Fraser Valley custom, high-performance epoxy flooring and decorative concrete surfaces company. Although epoxy flooring and concrete finishes are our specialty, we also take on projects using other methods and products for both commercial and residential projects.

As the leader in decorative concrete, interior flooring and industrial coating industry, we not only have one of the most extensive product lines but we are also proud to boast one of the most well-known, installed, specified and accepted line of products and systems in the industry.

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